About Good food (“Mai Wiru” in Australian aboriginal language), where “good” means true, simple, organic, local, seasonal, fresh and natural; obviously also delicious because it represents at the same moment nutriment and pleasure.

In my opinion Food is not simply a commodity, but instead its value is determined by geography and history stratified in itself, by the hard work of the farmers who daily took care of it and let it grow, by local resources which gave to it all the nutritional properties and the flavour.

For this reason we should make our daily choices as much as possible in harmony with our nature and the environment.

I strongly believe into the communicative feature of food like cultural issue and social network, because it intrigues me as all around the world people are connected by the power of food.

Traditions, habits, religions, weather conditions, properties of soil are interweaved  into a specific food culture and combined all together they tell an amazing story.

So, when we are talking about food we should contemplate: product, price and place, but also people and planet.

Overall, food and in particular good food  should be present every day and for everyone.

As food travels a long journey from the farm to the table, similarly my journey around food  and gastronomy was long, curvy, sometimes complex, often surprising, definetely fascinting. Important figures in the field of food & healing and whole food deeply inspired myself along the way, representing a sort of “guru” who guided me into the deep meaning of GOOD food, with all its aspects.

I still learning.


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