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It’s an usual way to serve frittata, but it’s a perfect solution for welcoming family and friends, even last minute guests. It can also offer the opportunity  to make some space inside the veggies-box or to give a second life to any food left in the fridge (please be free to add everything you feel like). This very easy-to-do frittata will be a funny option to encourage children (not only them) to eat green and make them asking more for it! Moreover, frittata cooked in the oven is definitely giving less troubles during digestion.

It’s nice to be home and I really enjoyed bumping again into my kitchen stuff, which unfortunately got a long rest inside a box (more than one to tell the truth). Along with my nice potteries I found my silicon molds, I can’t survive without. Moreover my collection was recently a bit restyled (my birthday is exactly two days before Santa coming). For this recipe I chose a mold shaped by decorated rings. Silicon is tremendously versatile: convenient to cook, to froze, to store, it also suitable for cold, salty, warm and sweet dishes. Overall (this is the most important fact) this kind of equipment doesn’t need to be greased and it easily comes out clean. Using creativity is possible to realize so many recipes (more are coming soon)! Anyway, fundamental is the quality of the material; guarantees and certifications proof its safety (I usually trust the Italian brand Silikomart).


Ingredients (6 portions)

½ bunch of chicory (200-300 gr) – or any other green veggie

3 eggs

1 wedge of garlic

Extra Vergin Olive (evo) oil

A pinch of salt

A pinch of black pepper

[This is a dairy-free version, but you can add even some grated Parmesan cheese (which is recognized as zero-lactose) or any other substitute]



To start wash and cut the chicory. Then break into small pieces the garlic and put both ingredients in a fry-pan with a spoon of olive oil, cook at medium intensity, also remember to keep it stirred.

In a bowl whisk with a fork the eggs with a couple spoon of water (better if not too cold), till obtaining a creamy consistency, add salt & pepper.

When chicory turns dark it means that it is ready (it will take about 10 minutes), gently incorporate it into the eggs (if the case, here it’s eventually time for Parmesan).

Then fill each ring of the mold with the frittata mix, being careful not to fill it up because during the cooking the mixture will blow up.

The small frittatas are ready to go in the oven, set on 180°C. Cook for 8-10 minutes, till they become fluffy but firm at the same time.

As last, let them cool down few minutes before take them out from the mold. They can be served with any kind of salad, deep or decoration. It’s also possible to bake them in advance and later on keep them in the fridge.





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