This is the food that nobody loves: the bad-looking!

It doesn’t give us exactly a fresh and inviting impression, moreover it is clearly spoiled with murky spots, but it doesn’t mean that is not tasty or delicious.

Ugly fruits and veggies need love too!

imperfect produce

From California, their mission is to find a home for “ugly” fruits and veggies. <In America, 1 in 5 fruits and vegetables grown don’t fit grocery stores’ strict cosmetic standards — the crooked carrot, the curvy cucumber, the undersized apple — usually causing them to go to waste.> Read more in their creative and passionate blog “The imperfect digest“.

ugly produce is beautiful logougly produce is beautiful

The Ugly Produce is Beautiful is a no-profit Educational Campaign started in New York City in January 2016 by food expert and entrepreneur Sarah Phillips. She is a very talented photographer and with fruit and veggie of every sort she is able to create notable masterpieces. There is no irregular, rotten, weird produce which cannot be beautifully figured.

hungry harvestThis young company initially started in the university dorm basement of the founder Evan, who during the time luckly found the appropriate support. Now Hungry Harvest recoveres farm-fresh produce from being thrown away for aesthetic imperfections or logistical inefficiencies, then deliveres it at a discounted rate to family doors in Baltimore, where the HQ is located.


It defines itself a hero in the war of food waste in the UK. OddBox, from London, prevents that fresh produce finishes wasted as a result of strict supermarket specifications or because they are surplus to requirements. The food saved is delivered to customers in boxes 30% cheaper than the original price. It has recently been dressed with a new name (24/01/17), saying definitly goodbye to “Tasty Misfits” uniform.

ugly fruit and veg

Created and managed by Jordan Figueiredo, an Anti-Food Waste Activist from Castro Valley, California, after co-chairing “Zero Food Waste Forum” and managing “Feeding the 5000 Oakland” in October 2014. FUNACTIVISM is a successful campaign expressed with daily “doses of ugly fun” on main social networks (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, We Heart It), which is collecting forces from around the world to encorauge big chains of distribution, as Whole Foods Market and Walmart, to sell defective produce as a normal rule.


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