These muffins love having fun and travelling as we do!

Here they are at Washington Memorial and the beautiful hand you see in the picture belongs to Martina. She is actually living in New York, where it’s snowing quite often: for tomorrow in particular the weather forecast preannounced a terrible snowstorm, that probably will force Marti at home. Anyway no chances to see her bored for sure, thanks to her amazing skills to be successful in a million of things! She is generally curious towards life and she grown up very quickly, even if sometimes she is not able to accept that there is not a rational answer for every event. For example there is no explanation to be born in a family of cheese distributors if you are lactose intolerant… In fact, her recent hobby is baking bread, experimenting with sourdough and stone-milled flours, but her real devotion (after beer tasting) is to share her knowledge about lactose, built up through her personal experience and all the efforts to find solutions to that. She often finds herself in the situation to have to remark that it is nothing contagious and that it is normally contained in milk, butter, béchamel but not in mayonnaise. Yes, because, even if she is lactose (a sugar of milk) intolerant, she is still able to eat eggs…! People are very confused about this topic, but finally we can get rid of any doubts visiting her blog “Tracce di Latte” where find precise information and cool recipes (I promise she is a talented writer), all of them severely LACTOSE-FREE, as the muffins we propose below.


Ingredients (8 portions)

2 eggs

5 tablespoon evo oil

½ orange

4 tablespoon raw sugar

1 pinch of salt

100 gr spelt flour

1 bag of baking powder (16 gr)

1 apple

For decoration: 1 apple, 1tb sugar, ½ lemon – icing sugar


Before starting, peel and cut in small pieces one apple and cook at medium intensity for 10 minutes.

The ingredients follow the preparation’s order. Then in a bowl put together the eggs with olive oil, the juice from the half orange squeezed, add sugar and salt and stir it with the help of a whisk.

Gently add the flour, previously mixed with the baking powder.

In a separated small bowl, put the other apple, peeled and sliced finely. Marinated it for few minutes with a tablespoon of sugar and the juice of  ½ lemon.

To conclude, fill the bottom of the muffins tray (1 big spoon of mixture), then pour a spoon of the cooked apple and complete the mold with the left dough.

To decorate, spread some raw apple slices on top of each muffin.

They are ready to be baked at 180°C for 15 minutes (check with a toothpick if they are completely cooked).

Take out from the oven and leave cooling down for a while.

If you like, let’s icing sugar snowing for real on top of it!


Ps. Read here what Martina wrote about our muffins…


Lastly, discover why our muffins have been also in London…

Daria has talented eyes and a big heart. She is always ready to help others, because “no” doesn’t belong to her nature. She is all this together: a gastronome, a photographer and a dancer! 

Her endless patince allows her to play hours and hours in order to find the right position fot the objects she wants to portray and colours are fundamental in her life where everything should be harmonious! 

Therefore attention to details brought her to become an amazing storyteller , here it is what she narrates throught her lens: @dariaratiner

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