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I have often children around me. They have a pure soul and they speak in a simply and direct way. Then I like to organize special moments completely dedicated to them: snack time with auntie Laura! Usually I look for recipes with low sugar content and natural ingredients, but sometimes we can make an exception, isn’t it?! These chocolate mice for example are perfect for a birthday party as well for some creations with the little ones.

This is my version, I “stole” the original from Bimby’s recipes book, but it’s possible to use any kind of kitchen processor.

Ingredients (for 10 mice):

300gr Pandistelle (chocolate buiscuits, even better if home made)

2 spoons of apricot jam (I was lucky enough to have one made by grandma Miriam, straight from her garden, truly “organic” as she proudly underlines!)

2 spoons of Nutella (any chocolate spread is fine, or 60gr of melt chocolate if you are allergic to nuts as me)

100ml soy milk( normal milk or substitutes)

Smarties (o any kind of coloured choco-bottons) Please, be careful that they will not all disappear during the preparation………

Silver praline

Liquorice wheels


With a traditional food processor: blend the biscuits till they become crumbles, add the jam, the chocolate spread and the milk and mix for few more seconds.

* With Bimby or Monsieur Cuisine: Put the biscuits in the pot and mix for 5 sec. speed 6. Add the jam, the chocolate spread and the milk mixing for another 15 sec. speed 4.

Move the mixture into a bowl and take some of it with a spoon (quite full) and shape it with the hands to form a sort of drop.

The narrow part will be the mouse’s snout to be decorated with one Smarties on the front (with a little pressure) for the nose, two praline for the eyes, two more Smarties for the ears. Complete with a small piece of unrolled liquorice, about 1,5-2 cm, to insert in the back (I suggest to use a toothpick or the tip of a knife to help forming a hole for it).

Leave the chocolate mice in the fridge inside a closed box (or at least covered with a plastic wrap) for almost an hour.

Then they will be ready: enjoy!


My children are also in love with Chocolate & Chocolate Banana Hearts (lactose free)!

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