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Food is…



Dedication and hard work


Certification of quality

Territory, terroir, sense of place



Religion, spirituality, soul

Patience, wait


Attention to details

About Laura

“Curly, nice and smiling girl, even if sometime plaintive. Passionate with food since always, she loves tasting and tasting, she never refuses to discover new flavors. She is always talking about food. She loves cooking as well and when she is in the kitchen she is creating  (though her experiments aren’t every time successful!). Honestly her stove is never messy, in fact  she has good skills of organization. If you need to clean out and tidy up a closet, with her help you will do in a second. If you would like few gourmet advices, call her, she will show you the right options, better than the Michelin guide! She amazes friends with sweet treats and in particular kids love them, but also the little ones like playing with her and jumping together on the top of a big bed!”

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