My nose is sniffing around, looking in the air for a warm and sweet smell which reminds me about a safe place, comfortable moments, a smile on my face. As the answer of my body being fed -perhaps my soul too- or my deep connection with food.

It takes me back to my childhood, to boiling pods and magic jars in my grandparents’ kitchen, who gave me their secret recipe for facing my fears.

They also warned me not to eat strawberries in winter! Because nature has a specific rhythm and each season has its own produce. (So,  it cannot be naturally generous of strawberries all year around!)

The most colourful? Maybe summer painted with deep red of tomatoes (and strawberries)?

I prefer the nuances of autumn’s leaves, when apples are ready to be picked, grape has enough sugar to be transformed into wine and olives are taken to the mill.

I associate it with smell of green, the musk on the trees as in the forest where I used to forage mushrooms with my family and the following day preparing a delicious risotto.

Even if sometimes foggy afternoons tingle my wish to escape to exotic places which taste of guacamole! 





How far away can food bring us?

In the last years I kept travelling quite a lot, discovering so many flavours.

I tasted freedom and adventure as a fish in the sea..

Life is definitely salty.

Beauty is important, but more essential is taste; normally a radish disappoints me.

Nevertheless nothing makes me feeling at home as handmade pizza, because it has the taste of friends, shared moments and a set table.

A warm and sweet smell… 

Carrots in my mind?

No, I immediately start thinking about pears, served in a cheese plate together with some walnuts or in a cone paired with chocolate as in my favorite ice-cream!

If plants in the garden need be constantly watered, also our dreams…

Then let’s go to Panama: it smells of sweet bananas!!!

The story tale of Litte Bear and Little Tiger, which inspired me, carries an important lesson: the journey often changes ourselves much more than offering new scenarios for our eyes (and palate)!

Not only that, food can really bring as far away and let us reconnecting with our interior.

GOOD FOOD makes me feel “home” no matter where I am, also alive and happy.