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When asked about the places I’ve visited, I start by describing what I’ve tasted. This way, others travel along with me. Because ultimately, food itself is a journey, a discovery, a way to go far… It allows you to escape even with your feet firmly on the ground.

Since I was a child, I was drawn to strong flavors; this already spoke volumes about the subsequent steps in my story.

So, I start from the roots of each organization – and from my own roots – with the practicality that comes from my business and financial background, which gradually has been enriched by my passion for food and for life in all its nuanced flavors.

Leaving my safe harbor, I started travelling the world and finally earned my place at the University of Taste – as they call in Piedmont the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Slow Food- which openedthe doors to culinary disciplines. Not just the doors, but a thousand windows… on food, on the world, on myself.

Over time, my passion for people and their stories grew stronger, leading me to specialize in turningeach product into a unique experience. In my current role as a marketing consultant, I aim to promote a positive message: the value of GOOD FOOD.

It’s a reminder that every plant starts from a seed.