Let’s give a try: 15 days-long campaign to save the Food.

This initiative is created not only to answer to the contest Premio Non Sprecare 2016” (Do not Waste Award 2016), but considering food waste as a daily challenge for all of us, simply because eat is a fundamental act of our life.

Consequently every day, playing with the amazing colours of edibles, a new image will be published; the idea is to make people reflecting about this problem, even only for few seconds.

Follow the journey inside the magic world of the food, bite after bite:

#Bite1- Chocolate addiction

#Bite2 – Like a rose

#Bite3 – Conviviality

#Bite4 – Age doesn’t matter

#Bite5 – The work of bees

#Bite6 – A bit of sugar

#Bite7 – The aging

#Bite8 The colours of food

#Bite9 – Sea & sustainability

#Bite10 – From the garden to the table

#Bite11 – Coffee, olè!

#Bite12 – Wholesome gifts from nature

#Bite13 – How long should we cook meat?

#Bite14 – Inside ancient Greek amphoras..

#Bite15 – Not only on a tree



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